Impress Designs, Inc.

The Decorated Solutions Provider

Relationships vs. Customers

The Impress Designs team focuses on building relationships with each customer we have.  We limit the number of customers we work with, building long term relationships over quick sales.  Whether you are looking to get away from the "just another customer" atmosphere or you want to add on additional decorating capabilities and know you want a relationship based vendor, Impress Designs is a great choice for you.


Located in Dallas, Texas, Impress Designs is located minutes from several major distributors and suppliers.  Products can be quickly received, processed, and shipped back out across the country.  Being centrally located lowers shipping and distribution cost as well as speeding up national delivery times.


Our management team consistently works to manage our customer base in a manner that works for all of our customers.  Building in small, medium, and large customers allows each customer type to benefit from the other.  Small companies benefit from increased organization of orders and decreased cost structure associated with our higher volume purchasing.  Large volume customers benefit from complex process handling and the flexibility that working with different customer types requires, eliminating the rigid structures you commonly see at other high volume decorators.

Mixed Decoration Capabilities

Below are just some of the decoration capabilities offered at Impress Designs, inc.  Avoid working with multiple vendors, multiple CSRs, multiple AR departments, and a variety of processes.  You have found your complete decoration solutions here at Impress Designs.

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