Packaging Standards

Our team understands that the first thing anyone sees is the packaging.  Extra effort is given to ensure that the packaging of your products given just as much care and attention as the decoration itself.

Below are the generic packaging guidelines that our team follows.  This process is not mandatory and can be changed upon request at the time you submit your purchase order.


Packaging Guidelines


  • Boxes are sealed using 2" clear pressure tape. The bottom and top of larger packages get reinforcing tape to protect them from opening during shipping.
  • Boxes get cardboard protectors across the top to prevent damage to the garments by box knife.
  • Whenever possible the original boxes are re-used to ship your item.  Any markings with our name are removed to protect your interest.
  • If the original box condition is not up to our standards due to damage or appearance we will replace the packaging with a blank brown 200 lb. cardboard box sized appropriately for your items.
  • Replacement boxes are generally free as we understand that making you look good keeps business moving.
  • In the situation that a large number of boxes are required to fulfill a special project or program, boxes can be provided by IDI or supplied by you.  Box pricing will be provided when details of your PO are provided to a member of the contract services team.


  • Shipping bags are generally used to ship very small quantities of items.  Typically these bags hold 1-6 items depending on the size of the item.
  • Bags are polyethylene tear proof mailers.
  • Bags are provided for free on regularly price contract orders.
  • When setting up programs bag prices will be addressed during negotiations. 

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