Social Compliance Audits

Social Compliance at Impress Designs

When it comes time to select a decorator, third party compliance testing is of utmost importance.  Whether you are working directly with a big box store like Walmart or a growing organization concerned with their business, there isn't much worse then being involved in bad/illegal business practices.

Third party audits allow organizations to come in and investigate the following areas(among others):
  • Child labor
  • Forced labor
  • Discrimination
  • Work hours and OT
  • Wages
  • Health & Safety
  • Environmental
Why does this matter to you?

When decorators have no accountability, bad practices can run rampant.  Without even realizing it you can be involving yourself and your customer in a great deal of trouble.

Decorators who are not audited may bring problems to your door in the form of

  • Illegal workers and/or illegal pay structures
  • Safety issues that may result in illness, serious injury, death
  • Serious environmental violations
  • Subcontracting of work to unknown third parties
  • CPSIA violations
  • Phthalates based inks being used in children's apparel


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