Pre-Press Art (Production Art)

When it comes time to have your garments printed there is often more that needs to be done, and that's where pre-press art comes in.  Our team takes your design and turns it into a printable file.  The art team will use Adobe & Corel software to create separation files (in the industry we call these files seps.)  The process making a spot color design, 4 color process separation file, or simulated process sep. file is something it takes years to learn well.  Bad sep. files or output devices will create problems on press.  The result is sloppy or muddy looking prints, colors that blur together, or a whole bulk of assorted problems. 

Our team utilizes the latest output technology, Computer To Screen (CTS for short).  This technology bypasses traditional film, carrier sheets, roll fed ink printers and image setters.  The result is a better looking design with less steps to complete the process.  Less steps means less chance of error and a better final product.

cts mahchine

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