Some customers request that a design be printed in multiple sizes.  It is important to understand what this means for a screen printer and how it will effect your print and pricing. 

The majority of the work for screen printers is usually in both prepress work and initially setting up a new design.  Unfortunately no matter how similar an 11" adult imprint may look to a 7" youth imprint, they are completely different for the purposes of screen printing.  Traditionally all alternative sizes of a design were printed as an entirely separate job and billed as such.  Impress Designs has gone the extra mile to make things easier for printing multiple size similar designs.

Any alternativly sized design that is printed in conjunction with the original print will be eligible for certain benefits.  They are as follows:

  • While the screens for different designs sizes are new, they will be billed at the repeat screen print price to lighten the financial load.
  • Smaller orders in your similar design PO will be marked at the qty break 1 column higher than they actually are assuming they are more than 11 pieces and do not exceed the qty break of the entire PO group qty.

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